How To Block IP Address On Router In Minutes

How To Block IP Address On Router In Minutes

February 25, 2019 ROUTER 0

In this ever-growing world of digital advancements, the internet is commonplace. Today, almost every corporate workplaces or household have access to the internet and other technical gadgets. And as such, routers are also much in demand. Of late, every household and workplaces use routers in order to protect their networks and also to distribute their IP address to different devices and multiple PCs in their local area.

Actually, in this fast-pacing world of digital influx, network security is indeed a growing concern.  This is why privacy is undeniably the utmost priority. This is what precisely brings us to the question of blocking IP addresses. Whatever may be the need, one might have to block the IP address on multiple occasions.

Therefore, to be on the safe side you must know how to block IP addresses on your routers. However, if you aren’t tech-savvy, you may not be thoroughly conversant with “how to block an IP address on the router”. Nonetheless, do not worry much as we are going to provide you with a proactive guideline about the procedure of an IP address block on your router. Therefore, follow our article thoroughly.

Brief Overview of The Problem

In today’s times, you might at times need to block the IP addresses. The reasons for this can be many. For instance, you might wish to block an IP address so that you may manage and monitor your internet access from close quarters by means of your router. Or else, you might simply wish to block it for your personal use or company regulations.

However, because the settings of the individual routers vary according to the different models, you need to be thoroughly conversant with the technical know-how in order to block an IP address from the router. Now if you are wondering how to do that, fear not, the process is extremely simple. And, in this article, we are going to guide you through the entire process. So, just shed away your worries and follow the guidelines we offer in the following section.

Easy Hacks to Block IP Address from Router

In this section, we are going to offer you effective guidelines to block an IP address from the router. The steps we offer is sure to help you a great deal. Essentially speaking, router block is not at all a difficult task, provided you are through with the procedure. And even if you are not, don’t worry, we are there to help you. Follow the instructions we list below.

Access the Settings Page of your Router

This is the first and foremost step. In order to block your router, you need to first reach out to the Settings Page of your router. You can easily access the page by means of feeding in either the administration web address of the router or else the IP address on the web browser. If yours is a TP-Link router, then you got to write “”. Please make sure you avoid using the quotation marks. Once you have typed in the IP address, you have to click on the Enter button.

Put The Username

Once you are done with the above step, you need to type “Admin” devoid of the quotation marks. This means you got to type Admin as your password and click on the OK button thereafter. If you are availing the TP-Link routers, then this account to be the default settings. However, if you are using other router modes, then the default settings may vary accordingly. It is only natural that different models would include their individual specific details.  

Make Use of the Internet Access Control

After completion of the above process, you will have to select the “Access control” option located on the left- hand sidebar. Once you locate it, you need to check out the Enable Internet Access Control checkbox. Once you do that, you need to select the Deny Option for Default Filter Policy and press on the Save button thereafter.

Thereafter, you will have to press on the Setup Wizard, which will enable you to reach the Settings Section.

Select IP Address To Select The Mode

After you have successfully completed the above steps, you must select your IP address for the selection of the Mode. You may add all the needed information for the purpose of Host Description. This essentially refers to the name of the device which you intend to block along with the IP address of that particular device. And, after you finish, press on the Next option.

Select The Service Port

After you have selected the IP address for Mode Selection, you will have to locate the type of website you wish to block. This accounts for your Target Description.  In order to block a particular website, you should know the type of service port that is used in order to gain access to a particular website. If you are aware of the type of the service port, then you can easily select it from the “ Common Service Port” menu bar. However, in case you fail to do this, you can reach out to the respective port number, as well as the various protocols of the websites you wish to block.

However,  in case you fail to follow up with the steps, you can as well block a particular website by means of their Domain Name instead of the IP address. Nonetheless,  it is always safer to block a website via IP address. Nonetheless, in case you find it immensely difficult to block a particular website, you might avail the alternative method discussed below.

An Alternate Methodology

The alternate procedure to block a particular website by means of the Domain Name is also pretty simple. All you must do is reach out to the Mode drop menu and insert the names of the websites that you intend to block. After you have entered the names of the websites, you got to press on the Next Button. Following this, you need to put in a “Schedule Description”. The description refers to the type of schedule restriction that you wish to insert in the rule. Once done, you need to write the Rule Name that you wish to use for all the settings. After this, you got to choose a Host Target as also a Schedule that you have set a while ago. That’s all. Once you are done with this, you can click on the Finish option. And you are done.

The solutions cited above will help you to block the IP address from the router in no time.


In conclusion, we strongly recommend you to follow the instructions cited above if you are facing any problem in the process of a router block. We understand the growing need for privacy as well as protection of personal network. Thus realizIng the need to block an IP address from the router, we have proposed guidelines which will enable you to troubleshoot your glitch in no time. Therefore, if you are looking for easy and effective strategies for router block, we promise that you cannot ask for a better guide. So delay no more, try out our guidelines at the earliest and assure your safety once and for all.

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