Detailed Tutorial To Fix The Linksys Router Orange Light Blinking Problem

Detailed Tutorial To Fix The Linksys Router Orange Light Blinking Problem

February 22, 2019 ROUTER 0

Linksys is one of the most common brands when it comes to routers. Along with its positive feedback by users, there are some common problems associated with this router as well. Linksys router orange light blinking is one example of those errors. Here, in this article, you will get the detailed knowledge of this issue along with the solving methods. Hope, by following the instructions below you can be able to resolve it very easily.

Causes of Linksys router losing connection orange light blinking error

In general, the orange light on the router’s body helps to detect that the power supply of the router is on. However, if it starts blinking then it indicates that a problem with your router device. The basic reasons for the Linksys router orange light blinking error are as follows.

  • A loosing wire connection
  • Outdated firmware
  • IP address conflict

Ways for solving Linksys router flashing orange light glitch

The methods to fix this error are very simple and can be done without any problem. So, without wasting time, try all these below methods one by one as given in order to get the issue resolved.

Way 1: Verify the wire connections of the router

The first thing, you need to check is the wired connection. A loose connection of the router wire can cause the blinking issue of the orange light. If this is the reason for the Linksys router orange light error then follow the steps below to fix it.

First of all, turn off both the router and the computer device. After that, switch off the power. And wait for a few seconds to begin the wire disconnecting process. Take out the Power cable of the router from the wall socket as well as from the router device. Then, place the router in such a location which is near to a wall socket and also save from any external disturbance. Because any disturbance can be the main reason for the wire loosing problem of the Linksys router. The installation location of the router should also near to the computer device.

After placing the router in the protected location reconnect it (router) with the computer device via USB. Moreover, reconnect the power cable to the router and with the wall socket. Then, check if the problem gets fixed otherwise, proceed to this below solving method.

Way 2: Update the firmware of your Linksys router

An outdated version of the Linksys firmware can be the main culprit of the Linksys router orange light blinking problem. It not only creates a problem to access the internet using a functioning browser but also indicates you beforehand, so that you can prevent your device from any further problems. So, check the steps below to learn the Linksys router firmware updating method.

Step 1: Download the latest version of firmware for the Linksys router

Linksys router orange light blinking is a symptom of a tremendous problem  with the device. It basically occurs due to an outdated version of the firmware. The way to follow to resolve this is by updating the firmware of the Linksys router. And for this, at first, open a browser of your system. Then, by using it navigate to the official site of the firmware of the Linksys router. And from there, search the firmware version which is updated one and suits for both your system using OS and the router model. After getting the suitable version from here, download it and keep it safe in such a location of your system which is easy for you to access. Then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Open your Linksys router account

Open a browser and on the address field, type the IP address of your router. Hit the Enter button. On doing this, you will visit the login page of the Linksys router.

To know the IP address of your router, open the Command Prompt window and on it type ipconfig. Then hit the enter button, this will open different messages on the window. From these generating messages, find the Default Gateway section. The number along with the dots beside to the Default Gateway section is the IP address of your Linksys router. is an example of the IP address of a Linksys router.

Now, as you are in the Linksys router login page, you will get a blank space which will ask you for your router password. Fill it up with the proper one. If you have ever changed your Linksys login password then, fill the blank box with that only. Otherwise, type admin in the password place, which is the default password of the Linksys router. Then click on Login, to get enter into your Linksys account.

Step 3: Browse the downloading firmware and fix it

At the screen on your Linksys account, you will find the Administration tab, tap on it. And then, from the below section click on Firmware Update. On doing this, you will get an empty box beside to the Browse option. Select on Browse, this will pop-up a window to help you to navigate to the location, where you have placed the downloading firmware file earlier by following Step 1. After locating the file, click on Open and then select Start Upgrade. That’s all to follow to upgrade the firmware of your Linksys router. By doing this, you can fix the Linksys orange light on router problem.

All these are the workable ways, by following which you can fix the Linksys router orange light problem.

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