Tenda Router Not Connecting : Get Effective Solutions

Tenda Router Not Connecting : Get Effective Solutions

October 1, 2018 ROUTER 0

Tenda routers are one of the most preferred routers nowadays. But popular doesn’t mean perfect. There are also some issues regarding this router. Some users complained about the ‘Tenda router not connecting.’ If you are also facing the same problem, then don’t worry. Here you will get useful guidelines to resolve this problem. Alternatively, if you have any doubt at any point of the instructions, you can give us a call. We will clear all your doubts.

Moreover, if you want to save your time and avoid the complexity, you can contact us. We will support you manually.

Why is a Tenda Router Not Connecting:

There can be several reasons, for which the router may fail to connect with the device. If there is a dust layer in your computer, the dust can prevent the router to connect with it. Again, if your router is old enough and is defective somehow, then you can face the problem of ‘Tenda wireless router not connecting.’ Other than these, radio interference, faulty connection, misconfiguration of the connected device, etc. can cause the same issue. Even, if the firmware of your router is not updated, even then you can face the connection problem.

Tenda Router Not Connecting | Solutions

If you are facing the problem regarding the connection of the Tenda router, the best thing you can do is to contact an expert. You can try some solutions to fix the issue. Follow the steps correctly. If you find any doubt, give us a call, we will clear all of that.

Solution 1: Check the power

First of all, check if the router is getting enough power or not. If the status indicator LED is not glowing, then the router is probably unplugged. In that case, you can disconnect the router and reconnect it with power after a while. Make the connection carefully. If you find the issue is still there, then you can change the adapter.

Solution 2: Change the Channel

Though the routers use 14 channels to send and receive data, some of them overlap and cause disconnection. You can set the channel to the channels 1, 6, and 11. These are the frequencies which are used frequently. If you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi, then you may experience channel interference. You can change the channel to get a better result.

Solution 3: Update the Firmware

If you are using a non-updated firmware, then you see the Tenda Router not Connecting error message flashing on your screen. It is better to update the firmware frequently to improve the performance. You can also update it through the system section of the router. But do not use any third-party site to download any update.

Solution 4: Check the configuration of the connected device

If the configuration of your connected device is not correct, then you may face the issue. Check the Wi-Fi settings of your system. Find whether you have turned on the Wi-Fi or not. All you have to do is to turn on the Wi-Fi and turn off the Airplane mode. For PC, you can perform the troubleshooting, which can help you to reconnect your router.

Connect to the technician:

If all of the above solutions fail to resolve your issue, you can connect to the technician. They can help you to sort out your problem. You can contact our tech support helpdesk also. Our expert engineers can help you with the issue Tenda router not connecting.

Contact Us:

For any query, contact our tech support number +1-855-817-7794The engineers of our team can resolve any router issue. Alternatively, if you are unable to fix the problem with the help of the instructions, you can call us. Besides that, our support team has an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. Our technicians can help you with useful guidelines as well as manual support. To get a cost-effective service contact us.

You can call our helpdesk on the toll-free number +1-855-817-7794 whenever you need our help. We are available 24×7. Otherwise, you can drop a mail to our official mail address [email protected]. We will reply you as soon as possible. Besides that, we have a live chat facility too. You can switch to this facility also. Our executive will guide you accordingly.

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