Fix Netgear IP Address Conflict With Our Quality Service

Fix Netgear IP Address Conflict With Our Quality Service

October 3, 2018 ROUTER 0

Netgear routers are great for everyday use because of its easy usability and setup process. They are value for money products hence everyone opts for a Netgear router. Also, these are quite durable routers and many are using it for years. But there is a technical glitch which keeps coming up. Users report that they are experiencing Netgear IP address conflict on their PC. This error is not worrying and does not affect the overall performance of the router. But it’s a bit technical and needs some professional assistance.

Our Netgear Support team provides excellent support for any problem you are facing with your router. If you want to fix this error then we will be happy to lend our expertise.

What is IP Address Conflict?

Every computer and mobile device is connected through a network. Data travels through the network and reaches the target device which is also called endpoint in a network. The data travels from WAN(Wide Area Network) and distributed further through a router to the endpoint. An address is already assigned to every endpoint so the data packet can travel to the correct PC. This is how data travels and reaches its destination.

The IP address is assigned by the router or DHCP server. Due to some technical glitch, sometimes the router assigns a unique IP address to two or more computers. So when the data tries to travel through the network, it finds multiple endpoints with the same IP address resulting in the Netgear IP Address Conflict. It basically renders all the computers connected in a network non-functional and therefore you won’t be able to access the internet or shared files on your local network.

Troubleshoot Netgear IP Address Conflict

  • The IP address is either assigned by a router or DHCP server of your PC. So try to clear the DNS server of your PC so that it doesn’t create a problem for DHCP server.
  • To fix DHCP server, Windows constantly releases cumulative updates. Update all the pending updates and see if the error persists.
  • Netgear IP address conflict can also occur because of a malfunction in the router while assigning an IP address. So update the router’s firmware and try connecting to the network again.
  • Restart the PC and router. Sometimes because of wrong network protocol, this error shows up. Restarting will help them restore to the correct network protocol.
  • Change your IP address to Dynamic.

Our Services:

We are a team of network engineers and have been working on Netgear routers for quite long. Our dedicated technicians have a thorough grasp of Netgear routers and its working mechanism. Our experienced engineers can fix the Netgear router issues within minutes.

We do a complete check-up of the router as well as network configuration of PC so that you never face the error again. Be it Netgear IP address conflict or any router issue our dedicated engineers can easily resolve the issue at hand.

Our experts also renew the IP addresses of PCs manually in case DHCP server is failing to do so. We also update the DHCP server through our tools so that it doesn’t malfunction again. Our repair process is unique and it will definitely fix Netgear IP address conflict error instantly. During the repair process, we also look for other Netgear router errors and additionally deploy tight firewall settings so that no spyware can infect your PC.

We are a very affordable company so you don’t have to worry about the cost. We charge a minimum amount so that it can be achieved within your budget. Our only aim is to provide reliable service at an affordable cost.

Call Us Now:

Our trained engineers are available round the clock. Just call us at +1-855-817-7794 and our Netgear expert will be on the way to fix your router. We have an active email support at [email protected]. You can drop your questions there and our engineers will reply back immediately. Rest assured, we will provide quality service at a minimum cost.

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