Linksys Router Slow Issue| Learn How To Speed Up WiFi

Linksys Router Slow Issue| Learn How To Speed Up WiFi

August 19, 2019 ROUTER 0

Linksys router users often encounter device and Internet slow down problems after installing this device. Many experts suggest Linksys router slow down the WiFi speed due to some bug or hardware issues present in the device. 

So, the speed of your wireless network can be different from the actual speed after installing the Linksys router. If this is happening, you won’t be able to access the high-speed Internet connection on your PC. 

To fix this problem, you can try out some troubleshooting tips to boost the speed of your WiFi. If the slowing down of the Internet is occurring specifically because of the Linksys router, there are steps to speed up the connectivity as well. 

In this article, it will discuss a few common problems that appear on Linksys routers that can make your Internet slow. Hence, you can go through this content to learn the methods for increasing your WiFi speed. 

What Makes Your Linksys Router Slow and How to Boost Internet Speed?

If you are looking for some effective ways to fix the Linksys router slow down the error, you need to understand the causes at first. Once you become familiar with the reasons that can decrease the WiFi speed, you can troubleshoot the problems in your Linksys device.

Reasons that Can Lead to Linksys Router Slow Internet Connection Problem

If your Linksys router is dropping the speed of WiFi, there are few causes to look for:

  • A single router is capable of handling only a limited number of WiFi-enabled devices. So, if you are trying to connect too many devices to your Linksys router, it can slow down the browsing speed.
  • The signal strength and range of wireless network also matters a lot when you use a router for the Internet. Hence, if your WiFi network isn’t strong enough or the coverage range is fluctuating, it can appear like a slow internet issue.
  • If the Linksys device can’t select the fastest network (2.4 GHz/ 5 GHz), it can result in Linksys router slow WiFi error. It can mostly happen when you allow the interference from other wireless networks near the router. 
  • In the case of shared Internet connections, the speed is shared by multiple users at a time. This can be an obvious reason for your router to slow the Internet speed. So, if your router is used for multiple downloads/uploads, it can make your WiFi network to slow down.
  • If you utilize a Linksys router to obtain Internet using Ethernet cable, it can also affect the speed adversely. Especially, when you make use of old network cables with your routing device, the Internet connection can be very slow. 
  • There are cases where using WiFi extenders or powerline can kill the actual speed of the wireless network. So, it’s very important to collect all technical details from a Linksys router technician before installing any powerline or extender to the network. 

This is How You Can Troubleshoot the Slow Internet Issue in Linksys Router

In case, the WiFi channel is congested or the DNS server is too slow, you can’t fix it on your Linksys device. Such issues can be resolved by contacting the Internet service provider (ISP) or a router expert. 

Otherwise, you can try some fixes to maintain stronger WiFi connection via your Linksys router.

Fix 1- Select Proper Spot to Place Your Linksys Device

To ensure that you don’t experience Linksys router slow WiFi problem, you have to put the device in the correct place. If you are encountering this error when your router is installed in the corner area of your house, it can lead to no connectivity.

Hence, try to find an ideal location to place your Linksys router that will not block the signals from reaching your PC. The best spot can be the central position of your house with minimum interference from other electronic devices.

You can even keep your router in an open area with fewer windows, walls and other kinds of obstructions. Also, try to place the device at some height so that the receptivity of the signal can be proper to the devices. 

Fix 2- Keep Antennas Perpendicular for Maximum Reception

If your Linksys router is provided with two external antennas, positioning them correctly is vital for the Internet. Based on the design and purpose of these antennas, you can operate them both along the same plane. 

Many technicians have fixed the slow signal receptivity in Linksys routers by repositioning the antennas. So, if you want to apply this solution, make sure that the antennas are kept perpendicular to each other. 

However, to maximize the wireless reception using your Linksys device, you have to apply some trial and error. Otherwise, you can get in touch with a router expert to make the connection speed fast.

Fix 3- Use Powerline Network Adapter and Set WiFi Password

Some specific type of powerline and extender can boost signal strength and make the Internet faster. So, if you can install such powerline network adapters with your router, it can offer maximum coverage. 

Another great way to deal with slowing down of WiFi is to select security encryption for the connection. This is specifically needed when there can be a risk of security threats or unauthorized access to your wireless network. 

So, for applying this method, you need to type the IP address of the Linksys router ( If you have never changed the security code for the Linksys router, you can use the default login information. 

This means you can keep the space for username empty and write ‘admin’ as the password. However, the credentials can change on the basis of the Linksys router model you have installed at your home. 

After signing into the Linksys router’s admin page, you can select the appropriate encryption method. So, if you want enhanced security for your wireless connection, you can choose ‘WPA’ or ‘WPA2’ as the encryption level. 

Then, put a strong passphrase to access the WiFi network using your Linksys device. If you are still getting slow Internet on your device, then switch to 5GHz frequency band on Linksys. 

A majority of users have fixed Linksys router slow error by changing 2.4GHz to 5GHz. Otherwise, you can reset the router or take help from a router specialist to increase the speed of WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Pick the Best Wireless Channel for Your Linksys Router?

To speed up the Internet, you can switch to a different wireless channel for Linksys device. Simply, type the default IP address of this router in the address box to launch the configuration page. You can then choose between 1, 6, and 11 channels in order to select the best channel for Linksys router. 

2. What are the Steps for Resetting a Linksys Router?

You can reset your Linksys router by turning it off and removing the device from the power supply. After waiting for 50-60 seconds, use a pin or sharp object to press your router’s reset button. Wait for the power LED to blink and turn solid green

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