D-link Router Not Working? Get Easy Fixes At Your Convenience

D-link Router Not Working? Get Easy Fixes At Your Convenience

October 1, 2018 ROUTER 0

In this era of network and connectivity, D-link is one of the major names to remember. It is providing premium services for the last 10 years in this field. They are providing routers, adapters, smart plugs and surveillance cameras for both connectivity and security.  In the way of providing the services, they have always been on their toe. But still, as a user, you might face some of the basic issues regarding their products. One of those main issues that you might face is the D-link router not working properly. So, let’s take a look at its functionality issues and some of the solutions to solve it.

D-link Router Not Working – Hindrances

There can be various reasons behind the D-link router not working properly. Now, we will be talking about some of the important factors capable of causing this issue.

  • The first reason that you should watch out for is the installation process. If you haven’t installed the router properly, then it may stop working.
  • Another reason can be the IP address confliction. If the IP address you have configured in the PC doesn’t match properly with that of the router, then it may stop working. Basically, both the IP address must be the same as for the IP recognization purposes. In any case, if the fiber box of the router is not working properly, then as a result, it might also cause the D-link router wireless not working.
  • Last but not the least, If the CAT5 adapter of the D-link router is broken then, the LAN cable could not be connected to the router, and as a result, you might face D-link router wireless not working.

Troubleshoot D-link Router Not Working Issue

In the last part, we had provided you with probable reasons behind this issue. Now we will know that how to elucidate the problem.

In the way of troubleshooting this issue, the first thing that we should notice is the installation process. So, we have to be more cautious about it. In this process, the IP placement is one thing that should be correct and also check the adapter if it’s not broken in any case. If you can install the router in a proper manner, then you might be able to solve this issue.

The second solution is first to reboot your modem and wait for a couple of minutes. Then reboot your router and wait for some time. Make sure you have properly connected the modem to the router. Now, try connecting the modem with your computer directly just to make sure your Internet Service Provider (Modem) side is providing you a functioning data connection.

If you are having any kind of IP conflict issue, then follow the process given below.

First, log in to your router using the username and password in the video version and select the Status tab in the WAN/Internet section. Now, check for the things such as the Cable status if it is connected. Next, check the status of the network when the internet is connected. Now, go to the Manual Internet Connection Setup and check if the connection type is configured as DHCP or not. After that, log in with your username and password and this will fix the issue.

Still Having Issues? Seek Help From Us

We have provided you with the most probable reasons and some of its effective solutions. If you have followed the process carefully, then you might be able to fix the issue by yourself. In any case, if you are unable to fix the D-link router not working issue, then it would be better if you can contact some of the experts in this field.

You can also contact us at our Customer Support Executives. They are always there for you to help. As certified solutions come in the way, we will on our toes to fix the issue. You can easily reach up to us on by calling us on our D-link Support Phone Number +1-855-817-7794 or emailing us at our official email address [email protected]. We will surely discuss the problem in brief and provide you with a proper solution. You can also have an online live chat with us at our portal to have a solution. We would be happy to help you.

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