Dial At +1-855-817-7794| Troubleshoot Problems To connect Netgear Router

Dial At +1-855-817-7794| Troubleshoot Problems To connect Netgear Router

June 21, 2018 ROUTER 0

Installation is not the end of router hassles as after that comes the need to connect Netgear router to your computer. The main trouble appears along the part of the configuration in which you need to attach your device to a cable or broadband connection. One simple way out for this hassle is by using the smart wizard that provides an easy user interface.

connect Netgear Router

What Is The Use Of A Smart Wizard?

A smart wizard basically helps to configure your router in connection with a cable or broadband. It greatly benefits a Netgear router user to secure a better connection setup and configuration.

The smart wizard works best with both DSL as well as genie user interface. Along with that, it also shares a similar process for configuration.

Here I present some easy and smart ways to connect Netgear router using a smart wizard-

  • After connecting the router with an internet port, secure connection of your computer to any of the displayed four LAN ports.
  • Keep on switching the power buttons of the modem, router, and computer until all of them finish booting up and restart.
  • Enter the IP address of your web browser in the address bar after the login page schedules to open.

After completion of all the steps, you may access the setup wizard option. Simply click on next to continue with succeeding steps for configuration.

What else can be done to connect Netgear Router?

Netgear Router connectionThe installation process is in no way easy. Also, if it comes to connecting to a desktop it seems to bring in more than usual trouble.

While connecting to a desktop resource, the network may tend to lag a bit. In that case, one can easily use the wireless devices like a laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.

You just need to connect it to an ethernet cable by attaching it to the cable modem of a secure internet port terminal. After that, try to switch on the DSL and keep it pressed until the lights turn solid and LEDs to be stable.

You can also try to access the connection manager of your WiFi portal and enter a private SSID name. It will help to secure the internet connection with stable configuration.

Make sure the browser you are using to accessing the loading router webpage has a strong network access. It will be better if it also uses a default username and strong password.connect Netgear Router

If you see the message “take me to the internet” appearing on your display screen then your problem has been most probably resolved.

However, if you do not see the message, then you may need to dig a deeper to troubleshoot the error right from its core.

What router are you using and in what ways is it troubling you? List them down below and try to resolve them with the above-provided solutions.

You can also get in touch with our Router Customer Support for precise and easy solutions. We will help you with easy hacks and manuals to setup the router with no hassles.