Cisco Router Port Forwarding : Learn The Complete Procedure In Simple Steps

Cisco Router Port Forwarding : Learn The Complete Procedure In Simple Steps

October 1, 2018 ROUTER 0

Cisco is an American Multinational company whose main production includes networking hardware. The brand also specializes in manufacturing and selling telecommunication equipment and other high-end technological solutions. Cisco Router Port Forwarding is the redirection of a communication request from one address to the other by remapping the destination address. Basically, port forwarding creates a virtual server that lets you design the incoming internet traffic to your router for some particular devices on your network. Hence, port forwarding can be deduced as opening a port.


Know About Cisco Router Port Forwarding

Since firewalls protect your routers, therefore, you need to open ports to let the traffic pass through it. The traffic that passes through the network has an address specified to it. Without a port number, you cannot send any information from one computer to the other. Thus, the port number acts as an address through which the information can pass in and out.

This process on the Cisco router allows you to enter a port number and the IP address. Thus, all the incoming traffic along with the address that they contain will move to the internal computer of that particular inscription.

The most common example of port forwarding is the multiplayer video games where the router does not know the location of the game server. Cisco routers provide basic firewall security which resists unwanted internet traffic from entering your network. Hence, if you want to use port forwarding to play multiplayer games online or stream videos, then you have to provide permission to the firewall. Accordingly, you need to have admin privileges for Cisco Router Port Forwarding.


How To Configure Port Forwarding On Cisco Router

In order to complete the procedure, go through the following steps. In case you find any difficulty in catching up, get in touch with our Cisco Customer Care team. Our experts will guide you.

Step 1

First, you need to configure a static IP address from where you want to forward the port. Therefore, even after you restart your device, the ports will remain open.

Step 2

Now, you need to login to your Cisco router page. You can use any web browser of your choice to log in to its web interface. Make sure the default IP address is

Then, press Enter and the router login page will appear. Click the Advanced Settings option to continue. Both the username and password is usually cisco.

Step 3

Go to the port forwarding tab in your router. Click on the firewall button. You can choose multiple as well as single port forwarding.

Step 4

To forward a single port, put it in the service name box. Put the same port in both the external and internal field. Then, enter the IP address in the IP address. Verify that the Enable box is checked.

To forward a range of ports, you must put the range in the service box. Put the lowest port in the Start Port and the largest port in the End Port fields. Enter the IP address for the destination of these ports in the IP Address box. Verify that the Enable box is checked and then click on the save option.

You can also check if the ports are forwarded correctly or not.


Get In Touch With Us For Assistance

Port Forwarding is an essential component if you want to play multiplayer games online and stream videos live. So, if you are unable to do Cisco Router Port Forwarding or cannot get a proper answer to your query then don’t worry. You can reach out to us. Our team can configure your router for both multiple as well as single port forwarding. We have a highly experienced team of Cisco experts with whom you can discuss your query.

Therefore, contact us at our Cisco Technical Support NumberĀ +1-855-817-7794. We are available 24×7. You can also send us an email explaining your problems at our email address [email protected]. You can also avail of our live chat portal and discuss your issues with our technicians directly.

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