Get Easy Hacks For Your Cisco Router Not Working

Get Easy Hacks For Your Cisco Router Not Working

October 1, 2018 ROUTER 0

Cisco is a renowned company, mainly known for producing networking hardware for homes and business organizations. Cisco has provided high-end technology in the routers. Over time, users come across a number of glitches with the routers. A number of factors can be responsible if you are facing Cisco router not working.

We will discuss the solutions to the problem. But before that, let’s take a look at what the issue is all about.


Probable Causes To Your Cisco Router Not Working

In case your Cisco router is not working, you need to figure out why the problem occured and resolve it accordingly. A number of things are listed below that can happen with your router.


Disabled Connection

Verify whether the network connection is enabled or disabled.


Incorrect SSID And Security

SSID and Security are essential components for your wireless connection. So, you must verify your SSID and security policy of the router.


Check The Internet Connection In Other Device

Make sure you have an active Internet connection. Use other device or ping the Default gateway to check your network. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you have any doubts regarding your Internet connection.


Check Your Firewall Settings

It may be possible that the firewall setting is turned On. In that case, you may not be able to get a working router. Firewall is a security component present in the router that checks every packet entering your system.


Windows Update Does Not Support Router Drivers

If your Cisco Router Not Working after you updated your OS, then it can be the source of the issue.


Relocate Your Cisco Router

Relocate your router and then check it again. Problems with signal overlapping are quite common and it can result in malfunctioning of the router.


Laptop Issues

The problem does not necessarily lie with your router every time. It can occur due to any glitch in your laptop or computer as well. So, you need to take appropriate steps to solve them.


Check The Router Firmware

Firmware is an essential component related to the proper functioning of the Cisco router. Verify them too and see if you need to update the firmware.


Corrupted Operating System

It is recommended not to use any kind of pirated Operating System. If you are using pirated software then you can face router issues. Accordingly, in this case, your router is not at fault.


Other Hardware Issues

Any hardware related problem can also result in your Cisco router wifi not working.


Solutions To Your Cisco Router Not Working Problem

Troubleshooting measures depend on the problem itself. Once you have figured out the reason for the issue, try the tricks given below as per the need.

First of all, make sure that your Wifi is turned on. Check the USB adapter of the router. Make sure that the green light is present on the router. Navigate to the network connections window and make sure that the Wifi connection is enabled.

Verify that you are connecting to the right SSID or the router name. If the router asks for the security key, provide the correct one. Then, reset your router. In this context, you can choose either hard reset or unplug your router and connect it back on. If you are going for hard reset, press the small reset button behind your router.

Further, disable the firewall if possible. It is one way to solve your problem. Again, you can restore your Windows back to the old version. Uninstall the updates or the Operating System, if it demands so.

In case you are using an old driver, then update it. Also, you can delete and reinstall them from the device manager. Relocate your Router to a new position. Check if this solves your problem with Cisco routers. If you find that the above solutions do not solve your problem, reboot your system.

Finally, upgrade your router firmware. Also, try to remove your pirated Operating System from your system and install a genuine one. If there is a problem with your router’s hardware, then obviously you need to either replace or repair your router.


Reach Us For Technical Assistance

The solutions provided above will surely help you overcome your issue. However, even after following them, you may fail to solve the Cisco Router Not Working problem. In that case, feel free to contact us at our Cisco Support Phone Number +1-855-817-7794. You can drop us a mail at our Email address [email protected] as well. Again, you can avail of our live chat portal to discuss your issues and get best-in-class solutions.

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