How To Change Router Channel with The Most Trending Ways

How To Change Router Channel with The Most Trending Ways

February 22, 2019 ROUTER 0

Are you wondering about the process of how to change router channel? if yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here, on this page, we have defined step by step ways to Change Channel On Router Therefore, just go through this post, and perform this action to avail the most fruitful results.

How To Change Channel On Router? Know the Easy Steps

If you need to know how to change router channel?” then follow the below mentioned steps. By the following steps you can also Change Channel On Router hence follow as instructed carefully:

Step @1: At first, you have to launch a web browser from a mobile device or computer which is connected to your router’s network. Then, you need to go to their official website and then you will be asked for the username and password.

Step @2: Now, you have to enter the user name and password. The user’s name is Admin and the default password is password.

Step @3: Once you are done, you need to go to the Basic Home page and there you have to click on the Wireless button.

Step @4: Now, in the wireless settings page, you have to go to the Region menu. There you required to choose your region. After that, choose a number from the Channel menu.

Step @5: Finally, hit the Apply button as well as the Ok button in 0rder to save the new changes.


Additional Notes:

Here, in this segment, we have mentioned some additional guidelines that can help you to choose the best channel for your wifi. Choosing the proper Wifi channel can boost up the WiFi performance and coverage. Basically, in the 1,6, 2.4 GHz and 11 are the non-overlapping channels. Therefore, choosing one or more than one channels is a necessary component of setting up your network properly.

After following the above-mentioned steps, hopefully, you can readily change the wifi router channel. In case, if you face any difficulty in catching-up this process, then you can send your feedback with us by simply commenting in the comment section below.

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