Belkin Router Port Forwarding: Quick And Easy Guide

Belkin Router Port Forwarding: Quick And Easy Guide

September 29, 2018 ROUTER 0

Port forwarding on a router lets remote computers such as a web server or an FTP server, to pass through your router’s firewall and connect to your home network. This article will act as your Belkin router port forwarding guide.

Belkin routers have an inbuilt firewall to protect your home network from unwanted internet access. You may need to open a port for remote connections to access your home connection, due to the blocking action of this firewall. This process of opening a port is called port forwarding.

It’s normal to face difficulties with port forwarding and quite a number of users encounter problems while handling the technicalities by themselves. Often, you need a professional to deal with the port forwarding issue. If that is your case, feel free to contact us. We provide excellent tech support for Belkin routers, so you will have no trouble in setting up port forwarding.

So, if you want to know how to setup port forwarding on Belkin router, or if you want your issue resolved by a professional, then read on.


Belkin Router Port Forwarding: Steps To Follow

Repeat the following steps for any number of ports you require to forward.

  1. Open your browser and type to enter your router’s web support page.
  2. Then, click Login and enter the password for your router. Now, select the Submit option to continue.
  3. Go to Firewall and then virtual servers.
  4. Finally, check Enable and fill in the required details for your network.

Note: You may require to set a static IP address to your device. That way the ports will remain open even after your device reboots.


Issues Faced With Belkin Router Port Forwarding

Some users report that they are having trouble with port forwarding. The most common issues and troubleshooting are discussed below.


Another Router Blocks The Ports

Sometimes, even after the users have forwarded the necessary ports on their Belkin router, they face problems with the connections. This is because of the modem or another router in the network blocking the ports. In that case, you need to open ports on those devices as well.


Power Cycling The Router

After enabling port forwarding, you may need to power cycle the router. To do that, power it Off and after waiting for 1 minute turn it back on.

So, these are the methods and general troubleshooting to forward a port in Belkin router. After going through this, you should be able to solve your issues of port forwarding by yourself. However, if you are facing any issue with that, you are always welcome to contact us. The details of our contact are mentioned below.


Contact Us For Further Support

You can contact us via our Belkin router support helpline number +1-855-817-7794. It is open 24/7 and is also toll-free. Just place the call and from then on, it will be our responsibility to make sure that your port forwarding issue gets resolved.

Our Online Chat service is another mode of communion with us. So, you can drop a text message regarding your query and leave the rest to us. Our representative will guide you to ensure that your problem gets fixed.

You can also e-mail at [email protected]¬†¬†addressing the problems you are facing. We respond immediately and offer the most reliable and appropriate solutions to the problems you are encountering.

So, just contact us and we will take care of the rest. We are always happy to help.



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