Belkin n150 Wireless Modem Router Setup | Affordable Belkin Support

Belkin n150 Wireless Modem Router Setup | Affordable Belkin Support

October 3, 2018 ROUTER 0

Belkin router is an electronic device that can connect one or more devices with internet connectivity between computer networks. It is the most reliable brand across the globe when you need a router at your disposal. One of the most widely used routers is Belkin n150 Wireless Modem Router. However, users have to multiple trouble with  Belkin n150 Wireless Modem Router setup.

Do not worry. You need to go through the article and it will help you to set up your Belkin router instantly. If you face any difficulty while performing any task, you can directly connect with Belkin support team for any assistance.

Set Up Belkin Router n150 Wireless Modem Router

Many times, users have to face a lot of trouble while setting up their router on their own. However, there is not so much difficulty in troubleshooting the issue as well. Try out the process and fix your problem for Belkin n150 Wireless Modem Router setup instantly.


First of all, you need to place your router next to your modem and it is mandatory to keep away your router device from any metal gadget or magnets. If you put your router above the floor level, the wireless signal of the of the router will get high.


You need to connect the Ethernet cable of your router to your Modem’s Ethernet port. In case, you are adding the router for the first time, the port will automatically be connected to your computer by an Ethernet cable. Now, you need to disconnect your computer system and plug the router into the modem instantly.


Next, you need to plug the power supply of your router into a wall outlet and put a CD into your computer system. In case, there is any problem to open the CD automatically, you can browse to your CD drive. After that, double-click on the Belkin setup CD icon. Once you have completed the process, you need to click on the setup icon and start the installation. After completing the installation process, you will be required to enter the network name and password of the router. You can get it from the network information card. After that, you need to wait for some until the whole installation process completes. Once the installation process finishes, you will get a success message of Belkin n150 Wireless Modem Router setup.

Connect To Avail On-site Support 24×7

If you are searching for an excellent service provider, you can rely on us.  Reach Belkin tech support team and we will provide you with effective solutions as soon as possible. At Belkin support, we have made multiple communication channels available for you. You can choose any of the channels to communicate with the experts.

Call Support:

Avail immediate assistance by dialing at Belkin Router Support number +1-855-817-7794 anytime. Experts at Belkin router support are eager to respond to any queries related to Belkin routers.

Live Chat Support:

If you want immediate assistance, you can even avail live chat support to get on-site assistance for Belkin n150 Wireless Modem Router setup. Report your issue directly to our tech specialists. They will get back to you immediately after receiving your message.

Email Support:

Furthermore, you can drop an email at the support email ID [email protected] stating your concern. Our specialist team of Belkin router support will connect with you as soon as possible and provide problem-specific solutions without delay.

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