Apple AirPort Router Setup | Easy Solutions At Your Fingertips

Apple AirPort Router Setup | Easy Solutions At Your Fingertips

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From the end of the twentieth century, people get to use AirPort devices designed by Apple Inc. Among the wide range of AirPort devices, routers become very popular due to its useful features. Nothing is perfect in this world, and the Airport routers are not an exception. As per the reports, a vast number of users encounter issues with Apple AirPort router setup process. If you are not aware of the proper procedure to set up the AirPort router, then it can be difficult to use. In case you are wondering how to configure your AirPort router correctly, then you have come to the right page. Go through this write-up and learn .about the procedure with ease.

Know About Apple AirPort Router Setup

Apple AirPort routers provide dual-band wireless 802.11 networking. After setting up the router, it creates two high-speed wifi networks. One, where it gives 2.4GHz network for 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n devices viz. iPhone, iPod, etc. Two, it provides a 5GHz network for 802.11n and 802.11a devices like iPad, Apple TV, etc.

Generally, wireless devices join the network which provides the best service as well as compatibility. The AirPort router also comes up with an internal power supply. For that, no need for any other external power unit. In order to use your device, you have to make sure Apple AirPort router setup is done appropriately.

Learn How To Setup Apple AirPort Router

If you’ve bought a new Apple AirPort router, but having issues regarding the setup part, then keep calm. In this section, you’ll get to know about the entire procedure of Apple AirPort Router Setup. Follow the below steps to complete the router setup process.

1. Basic Wireless Network Setup

  • First, plug in the cable/DSL modem into the WAN port of the AirPort router. Use Ethernet cable for making the connection.
  • Plug the power adapter into the power source.
  • Now, select your new AirPort base station from the Wi-Fi menu in case of OS X. For an iOS device, go to the Settings app. Click on Wi-Fi and choose your new base station.
  • Give your network a new name which will be visible to other devices.
  • Then, you have to enter a password for securing the network. Enter it again for confirmation purpose.
  • Wait till the network construction is complete. In this time, the AirPort base station will configure itself to provide you the internet connection.

2. Change Network Configuration

  • To begin, open the AirPort Utility. You can find this from the Utilities folder under the Applications tab. You can also access it from the Go menu.
  • You may update the AirPort base station if it is applicable. If there is a red icon next to the base station in the AirPort Utility program, it signifies that software update is available. Upgrading will help to improve performance and protection. Click on the AirPort base station, then click Update followed by Continue. It will automatically install the update and reboot the router.
  • Now, go to your AirPort base station and click on the Edit option to open the settings.
  • You can change the base station name and the password using the Base Station tab. This password is not the same which devices use to connect to the network.
  • With the help of the Internet tab, change the DHCP and DNS settings.
  • Change your wireless network settings using the Wireless tab. If you want to make any advance changes to your wireless network, then you can use the Network tab.

Connect With Us For Instant Support

So, you can use the methods mentioned above to complete the Apple AirPort Router Setup process. In case the setup is not done properly or you are having some issues with the procedure, leave it to the professionals. We will provide you with the appropriate assistance and guidance you require to set up your router correctly. You can get help from our professionals to enjoy uninterrupted services whenever you want. Our engineers will examine your problem and provide you with a proper solution.

Therefore, you can call us on our official Apple AirPort Router Support number +1-855-817-7794 for further queries regarding router setup issue. You may also reach us by sending an email to our official email address [email protected]. Else, get solutions from our tech experts through live chat.

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